How do I buy Quantonium?

How do I buy Quantonium?

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Buying Quantonium & Account opening

Buying Quantonium is easy. Simply open a free account which will automatically assign you both a fused Quantonium account as well as an Advanced Bitcoin Wallet account. When you open an account your temporary password is emailed to you and you are automatically logged in. For security reasons given the unsafe nature of email it would be prudent for you to change your password immediately under the “Profile setting” tab

  1. Click on “Buy or Sell”
  2. Select “Buy Quantonium”
  3. Hover on the Quantonium image then click “BUY QUANTONIUM”
  4. Choose the number of Tokens (QBT) you wish to buy (price of each QBT is quoted in BTC)
  5. Then the next screen will show a summary of your Tokens or QBT including the price in BTC (Bitcoin)
  6. Confirm the purchase & make your BTC payments
  7. Upon 3 confirmations of your Bitcoin payment your QBT will be instantly credited to your account
  8. Now you can enjoy an interest rate of 200% per Quarter (every 3 months paid monthly or at maturity – choice is yours)

NB*: The system only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) for payments to buy QBT which is liquid & backed by us thus you can exchange it to Bitcoin at any time

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