Why Choose Quantonium over Bitcoin & Blockchain?

Why Choose Quantonium over Bitcoin & Blockchain?

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Quantonium Brief

Well the answer to this question is pretty simple, security. Covert breach of Bitcoin wallets via brute force methods using Quantum Computers. In order to make a successful brute force attack, the Quantum Computer needs all the variables in one place which is the downside of just a standard Bitcoin wallet (Your wallet is public information in this case what was perceived as the strength becomes the weakness). Do not panic because the threat is real but theoretical for now & given our technology Bitcoin is still good for you to bank on as the safest currency in the world but if & only if you migrate to our systems. Including using our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet, which is “anti-quantum” in the way that it is designed, rendering the quantum “sub-time” advantage obsolete & therefore useless against our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet. That is why we have stepped to the occasion since obviously the USA government is already testing several prototypes which brings us to Blockchain security

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Blockchain Security – Why you should choose Quantonium

Bitcoin and Blockchain where created to solve 2 problems in chief

  1. Address the issue of inflation & fake money being created from “thin air” like USA & the debt ceiling charade
  2. Irrevocable free movement of funds from peer to peer without hindrance from any red tape & middlemen

Bitcoin we must agree has served it’s chief & primary purpose well thus we credit the Blockchain technology behind it for this. However by solving one problem they inadvertently created another problem i.e the public viewable ledger, which is in keeping with transparency but at the same time it means the wallets themselves are public domain for everyone to view. Thus an attacker can search the Blockchain for any wallet and target any high value wallet for a brute force attack (in this case they will want to match the private key to that wallet) since the wallet is off-line. That is a computational probability limited only by time. This was the comfort behind cryptography because given the current most powerful computing power that would take millions of years to get the private key to that wallet. However, unfortunately with Quantum Computers, time is not a factor meaning it can crack the wallet in a matter of minutes. But not to worry this is why we have invented Quantonium as well as our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet, to destroy the quantum threat thus your Bitcoin is 100% safe, if & only if you are using our systems and our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet. Before you think, “oh I will use a service like Coinbase or Localbitcoins” remember that even their wallets are public domain & can be targeted for an off-line brute force attack via quantum thus even they are not safe. Only our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet can thwart the quantum threat for our technologies are the only post quantum technologies in the world bar none. In a nutshell to avoid panic

  • Bitcoin is 100% safe that will never change
  • What you need to secure is YOUR Bitcoin wallet which is what our system & Advanced Bitcoin Wallet does (with emphasis)
  • Solution – Quantonium

    Our solution to the problem is pretty simple. The Blockchain (we vouch for Bitcoin only) is perfect and highly recommended by us because any global financial system needs a reliable “backbone” & the Bitcoin blockchain is perfect for this. However just like the antique SWIFT banking network they just handle connections between conventional banks but every bank (metaphorically this would represent yours or any wallet on the blockchain), any bank for that matter in itself should have a super strong safe or vault to keep theirs or clients cash thus in principle this is the issue we wish to address on behalf of Bitcoin. Since we are still deploying our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet to everyone worldwide & while we are still doing so, for your safety it is better to keep your Bitcoin on our system or invested in Quantonium (which earns a healthy 200% interest every Quarter i.e every 3 months paid monthly or upon maturity – choice is yours & certainly better than mining Bitcoin whether cloud or hardware). Our system is already utilizing the Advanced Bitcoin Wallet meaning any Bitcoins on our system are 100% impervious & immune to quantum attacks, thus on our system your Bitcoins are 100% guaranteed against any loss. Think of it as a conventional bank that has a nuclear proof safe or vault if I may put apt metaphor to example. That averred our online interface has 2FA authentication as standard with hardware tokens for even harder security on demand (Android back-doors are another “sleeper” in the world of USA espionage). Our system has incorporated communications encryption that is also quantum proof as it bypasses the quantum “timeless” loophole advantage (everything is on our network of servers only). In a nutshell the network (Bitcoin blockchain) is 100% safe that is why we still back Bitcoin 100%. What you need to secure is your funds against the next level of threat i.e the quantum threat hence we give you Quantonium which also comes with a free Advanced Bitcoin Wallet

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