Quantonium Conceptual Methodology


It is imperative at this genesis point to start by defining Quantonium before we delve into concept and method. Quantonium is a special token unlike any other token for this is the very essence of ushering in the true future of humanity. Hence-back, if I may invent a term or two, going as far back as World War 2, the world has not gone forward but rather taken a leap backwards and I will quote the eminent perceived and possible architect of all things quantum and quote

The splitting of the atom changed everything, save for man’s mode of thinking, thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe → Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein made these remarks before World War 2 and since then he went on further to ridicule the so called scientific community after World War 2 itself and quote (with a touch of subtle sarcasm)

Nuclear fission is one hell of a way to boil water → Albert Einstein

In essence given the two remarks in parallel, Einstein was making clear the fact that technical know how (which is not technology, a symbiosis of “Technical” and “Knowledge”), such technical know how i.e “information” is not knowledge & this is where the world’s problem began and begins. The world has taken Quantum physics and perverted its very essence thereby reversing the very purpose of its inception which was to advance humanity not bring it backwards. What has transpired ever since is that we had Hiroshima then Nagasaki nuclear evils that slaughtered 250,000 women and children in less than 5 minutes in the greatest tragedy of warfare if we can even call it that in human history. Then just when we where told that it was a necessary means to an end, we had Chernobyl then TMI and recently Fukushima all being civilian applications of misunderstood Quantum Physics. I will then ironically quote the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the field of Quantum Physics

If you think you understand Quantum Physics then you don’t understand Quantum Physics → Richard Feynman

Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. The truth of the matter is that the world at Quantum level is nothing short of chaos and therefore inherently by nature unpredictable thus any incompetent and arrogant approach to this realm is nothing short of catastrophic as evident above. Everything in existence and nature exists in binary harmony in other words in balance, “matter” and “anti-matter”. In layman life (matter) and death (anti-matter). When you tip the balance then the world drifts towards the latter (death) and this is exactly what has happened. From the Haldron Collider harvesting “anti-matter” to nuclear reactors, that very balance at Quantum level is being tipped towards the “death” side thus such arrogance has seen us witness all these catastrophe’s and worse to come should we not shift course. The Quantonium Token seeks to address this issue by allowing the world to invest in it’s own future thus tipping the scales “back to balance”, for the greater the “matter” then the lesser the effects of the deadly “anti-matter” (death) – Meet Quantonium


We have developed an R & D facility that is dedicated to technologies that counter “Quantum Perversion” as we call it. This in essence is abuse of quantum dynamics for selfish ends because all quanta are “relative” meaning they all influence each other in one way or the other whether one is conscious of it or not and the resultant outcome is a result of that state of mind influencing or acting on that quanta hence the term “Relativity”. A layman example? Albert Einstein’s purpose of splitting the atom? For applications that would advance humanity propelling us to the next level of mental human evolution (matter i.e life). Now what about the USA government post World War 2? World Power and what happens? Exactly! Hiroshima then Nagasaki followed by Chernobyl, TMI and Fukushima in recent times (anti-matter i.e death). Do you see the contrast? Quantonium allows you to invest in the future as well as the technologies we are developing to thwart “Quantum Perversion” in other words Post Quantum technologies. Such technologies reverse and stop the effects of radiation, offer alternatives to radiation including unlimited power generation from advanced non radioactive energy sources and as morality increases we may be delving back into advanced propulsion again. For as matter increases, anti-matter loses its relevance thus the death grip on the world is loosened. We are offering alternative science that is cleaner, sophisticated and far better than the current perversion of science and Quantonium is the symbol of that vision


Just as with Bitcoin which saw its meteoric rise to levels unparalleled in the history of commerce, finance even the perversion we know today as economics after being backed by solid Anti-Nuclear technologies that brought to nil the fear of the atomic weapon and also brought forth the promise of unlimited clean energy. We are thus doing likewise and going one step further by adding anti-quantum. A lot of people are confused by Quantum Computers and the threat they pose to computer security especially in the field of cryptography. Fear is a direct result of a lack of knowledge thus I will enlighten you such that you have no fear. A layman example? The speed of time (particle shift pace for the enlightened) is slower than the speed of light. This means logically if you can exist at a pace faster than the speed of light then time ceases to “matter” or move at this point thus you can take even 1Trillion years to complete any task before the hand of the clock ticks from 1 second to 2 seconds (in real-time world conditions I am referring to now at this point) that is all. Whereas with a normal super computer you would actually need the actual 1Trillion real years to complete the said task at which point you would be long dead while at Quantum level not even 1 second has passed, this is the Quantum Crash course 1,000 years ahead of time. Thus in essence Quantum is a bridge between what you perceive as lifespan and time such that the lifespan required to task completion is no longer limited by the time, that is all in other words a state of perpetual “timelessness” that is all. Thus Quantum is only a threat when and where the application or task being done computationally requires time (cryptography etc) other than that with the right technology (like ours) then Quantum is rendered completely useless hence we give you Quantonium the anti-quantum solution. Investing in Quantonium has the best realistic non speculative return on investment of anything that has ever existed. To learn more and buy your Token(s) today, simply open an absolutely zero obligation Quantonium investment account which also comes bundled with an Advanced Bitcoin Wallet today, making your Bitcoins as well as investment or funds completely impervious to theft nor any perceivable Quantum threat of any kind. Simply click on “Register” above to open your account now

Understanding the problem is usually half the problem solved and in most cases the main obstacle to its subsequent resolve Quantonium