Segwit will destroy Bitcoin?

Segwit will destroy Bitcoin?

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The Segwit Bungle

We told many people to stay away from Segwit as it has now come to our attention that we where right all along.

Harry Houdini was the greatest ventriloquist of all time. He could make an elephant disappear on stage in front of 5000 people & do you want to know how he did it? Misdirection → Gabriel O’ Shea (Swordfish)

The point? Well, many people think that the greatest threat to Bitcoin or Blockchain security is the BTC in your wallet being stolen (the Mt Gox, Bitfinex scare etc) & thus that is or has been the primary focus point of all so called Blockchain security. No one is thinking about potential for sabotage of the entire blockchain, oblivious. These so called Bitcoin core developer idiots especially that Luke Dash are too busy being arrogant oblivious of the fact that someone is pulling the carpet underneath – Misdirection. I say this because of the arrogant nature they exhibit when we raise these issues especially taking into account that I raised all these very issues at the time of the Segwit fork not to mention the same sentiments being echoed by Edward Snowden should they have required what they may consider as a rational tone in their arrogant perception of self exaltance. Every system like an ecosystem relies on “balance” to maintain order in that loop i.e system thus when you add a weight without a “counter weight” then you create an opportunity for imbalance alas;

If it is not broken then don’t fix it

And further to highlight the problematic folly

Too many cooks spoil the broth

This is the problem with Bitcoin now! While people where being distracted by idiots moaning on & on about the block size, money supply etc, issues we have addressed (the misdirection) the CIA, Rothschild & the rest of the global commerce manipulators are engineering opportunities to overwhelm & shut-down Bitcoin the greatest threat to the charade of fiat in history. Satoshi caught wind of the plot & vanished! Ever since Segwit, it is now possible for someone with adequate resources to bog down the blockchain (power handed or being handed over thereby defeating the ends of decentralization) again misdirection

Any form of control is power → Advanced Quantum Law


The difference between chaos & power is control → Advanced Quantum Law

And how? Well if you can submit multiple transactions in 1 go then you can create a DDOS type attack by submitting unnecessary multiple transactions at the same time thereby overwhelming the network with irrelevant transactions. Why would someone do this you may ask? Well you don’t run for Congress for the pay-check do you? One word? Power! That is the reason. Of course the Segwit transactions are or will be legit in the sense that they are not bogus i.e they originate from “authentic” wallets with authentic balances & they are also paying “authentic” fees but they are more than is “usually” expected of Blockchain traffic thereby unnecessarily inflating “pending” transactions (misdirection) again. Under “normal” circumstances everything was growing proportionally i.e “balanced” (as Satoshi intended) but this Segwit fork disguised as “convenience” on the contrary allows for “high volume” automated attacks on the network. This is the trait of any Trojan horse it comes as a “gift” seemingly harmless yet harbouring deadly intentions for the unsuspecting. Whereas prior Segwit that opportunity was able to transmit only one transaction at a time making a transaction flood attempt nothing short of an exercise in tedium & futility thereby maintaining “balance” autonomously. However with Segwit it allows hundreds of transactions in one go (alleged “gift” i.e of lower fees → misdirection), tipping the scales in favour of the saboteur. Remember, Rothschild, the USA Fed even the crafty CIA is not trying to steal Bitcoin (that is just hilarious a thought) he & they are trying to shut it down – focus up! While it looks sensible, harmless & convenient at a macro scale but on a holistic USA government level (what would be deemed economic “bird’s eye” or scale) in conventional economics, a catastrophe. If someone wants to sabotage the network they can just submit thousands of low volume transactions simply going to & fro even random to any bitcoin wallets just to inflate the overall number of transactions on the entire blockchain this can even be done as a worm thereby bogging down the network. Why would you do this? Well;

Time is money → Common Sense

And why would someone do that & lose funds in transaction fees is your thought right now isn’t it? Well that is the misdirection part because you believe that no one in their right mind would do that, right? Like assassinating a high ranking official of a sovereign state on foreign sovereign soil type make sense? Well in addition, if you can create $5Trillion with a signature & a vote then that is hardly a consideration is it? (The white washed ponzi “debt ceiling” scam of the Washington kind, let us call a spade a spade). Especially if you can use the stupid “long arm jurisdiction” excuse of “In the interest of USA national security & stopping money laundering or the equally hilarious war on terror bellicose rhetoric”. This is not done for profit but for sabotage to frustrate the free movement of funds thereby discouraging use of the blockchain as a competent means of transacting thereby frightening the gullible “herd” back to the 2008 banksters of the recession. This is the reason why Satoshi disappeared because the so called “Bitcoin Developers” have turned Bitcoin into a comic frills pseudo paypal style blockchain with Segwit & the rest of the joke chain of so called “forks”

Simplicity is the most sophisticated sophisticationAnonymous remark

This was the beauty of Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin. Simple, skeletal, effective, sophisticated to achieve it’s main objectives i.e:

  1. Fully autonomous & self determining i.e decentralized while evolutionary adapting to necessity not the cravings of Washington’s unquenchable thirst for power, not to be controlled in any way nor manipulated in any way by anyone or anything (keywords with emphasis)

  2. Remove the crooked middleman (without slander) i.e USA Fed/SWIFT & the Rothschild banking vermin that abuse power & procedure to control the free movement of funds disguised as KYC, anti-money laundering & sanctions etc. This is undeniable reality of fact

  3. Make payments irrevocable to counter charge-backs & fraud issues as well as the unnecessary freezing of funds Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar (even the son of God himself respected what belonged to what was considered a very bad man. There is no excuse for theft not even Washington is greater than the authority of God, alas)

  4. Destroy inflation & the USA “debt ceiling” charade & fraud that creates trillions out of “thin air” by a congress cinema vote & signature from a equally cahoots puppet USA president

In other words it was a cure for the 2008 recession causing frauds of the mainstream so called banks as well as the drag net long arm jurisdiction theft of Liberty Reserve in the greatest disgrace of law in history thereby destroying the credibility & integrity (if there ever was to begin with) of USA triggering the defection to Russia in disgust even of Edward Snowden immediately thereafter. Bitcoin was not created to be a credit card nor paypal replacement or competitor but a privacy & personal security tool to circumvent a vicious “attempted” New World Order i.e a suppressive, repressive regime & system that would enslave the world masses to USA financially. Some irony, food for thought? UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6), making a reading of that by a man who possibly only knew written Hebrew count those letters as 6 letters space 6 letters space 6 letters & you have “666” aka the mark of the beast i.e USA

Who can make war with the beast → Gullible world sentiment of prophecy

Further in Revelations prophecy

You cannot buy without the mark of the beast i.e USD → Unless you have Bitcoin

And that is prophetic irony right there. Segwit is completely against the whole idea of Satoshi in the first place & reason for his disappearance thus the justification for Segwit is unfounded & completely irrelevant making Segwit completely useless, an inconvenience & not an asset to the blockchain. If time is money then Segwit can control money by virtue of this loophole as we are witnessing now & this is power that has been handed over to the fiat brigade because the resources needed to accomplish such sabotage can be acquired by USA’s fake monopoly money thereby undermining Bitcoin. Jesus, its like lambs to a slaughter. We only recommend Bitcoin Core V0.12.0 or lower. Anything with Segwit is a disaster & you should remove all traces of it otherwise you will continue to see anomalies on the blockchain (chaos). Honestly, we had a halving a while ago meaning revenue for miners is lower because electricity charges remain the same regardless of rate of earning yet the difficulty is going up does that make sense? No!

When it does not make sense then the only logical conclusion is chaos → Advanced Quantum Law

You have been warned! Bitcoin is in the middle of an orchestrated coordinated attack thus everyone needs to abort Segwit now! The best is to switch to Quantonium because we are well on top of the whole security issue surrounding Bitcoin & this attack in progress. Again don’t panic, Bitcoin is safe, we are on top of this as usual thus Bitcoin is 100% safe, we guarantee that (Chairman’s guarantee) but you need to cooperate to help get rid of the threat permanently. Read the rest of our FAQ to understand before you are financially ruined. You are the weak link in the chain not Bitcoin, let that be clear to avoid panic thus do not be arrogant:

They never suspected a thing → Nebula

In response

The arrogant never do → Thanos

The above is cinematic extract but a clear apt case of art imitating life, totally apt in the circumstance, duplicity of that averred certainly & required to highlight severity no doubt, in parallel while hilariously accurate non the less. A sadist uses irony & cinema to express his inner psychological state of mind the way serial killers in the real world leave clues of their modus operandi. Unfortunately this is what we are witnessing here & true of USA. Life imitating art


If it is not broken then don’t fix it → Common Sense

The solution is simple. Everyone needs to abandon Segwit & switch to the “original” idea of Bitcoin that means switch to version v0.12.0 highly recommended unless you want to be part of the trying to revive NWO New World Order;

And I saw one of his heads as if it were wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast → Revelations 13.3

Before you dismiss this with atheist disdain then take a look at the scientific “logical, factual” approach

Science without religion is useless & religion without science is blind (certainly) → Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is the genesis of all things relativity thus credence has already been acquired for religion by a scientific benchmark. We however feel it insufficient for our now sceptical generation & thus expand using Advanced Quantum Law (ahead of Einstein’s time no doubt)

Religion is simplified science, while what may be deemed the profession of science being a more technical analysis of the former afore-stated → Advanced Quantum Law

How do you explain prophesy in the context of Science, Quantum Physics & the theory of relativity, you may be thinking then? Well think of existence not as a 3D material tangible existence but rather an accumulation of “configured” Quanta. In Quantum Physics, Quanta is the smallest building block of all things that exist with everything being an accumulation of configured Quanta (this is the worlds current understanding of Quantum Physics, a matter not in dispute at this time in the so called “Scientific Community”). This means that everything in existence is composed of Quanta of different types, accumulating & joining (fusing) even splitting to form other accumulations of quanta. Like neutrons influence Lithium to create Tritium or a neutron influences U-238 to become U-239 plutonium etc (this is the current understanding anyway) thus even an event is made up of a specific configured number of quanta. All Quanta are “relative” as Einstein was trying to explain to the ignorant. What he meant by “relativity” is that all quanta are related as in they all influence one another in one way or the other. Thus just like standing on a mountain, I can see everything on the highway in the valley gorge below. Assuming there is a traffic jam. I can see exactly what is causing that traffic jam i.e for example, the big ugly broken down truck that has created a “chain” of blocked traffic behind it, for this example let us say 100 cars. However I only, on the mountain top can see this (this would be a prophetic position), while the guy at the back of the traffic jam cannot see a thing nor understand why on Earth he is being blocked & held up in traffic for over 12 hours (that would be you). Neither can he see how many cars are actually holding him in traffic until (stay with me), the guy on the mountain top (this would represent a prophet) sends a message to the guy in car number 100 at the back of the traffic jam, that a truck is holding up traffic (this would represent a prophetic message like Revelations i.e a simplified version of the technical circumstances surrounding the problem at car number 100). The cars from car #1 to car #100 would represent quanta, that is each car is influencing each car behind it (they are “related” to creating this traffic jam event which did not & could not exist without those cars – stay with me). Thereby creating a traffic jam (something now tangible i.e an event), yes, exactly. This is the crash course in Time Travel, Quantum Physics, Prophesy & Relativity (all being related ironically enough) same thing that religion does. Prophetic vision is the ability, a bit like meditation or hypnosis (all mainstream accepted scientific applications) to be able to elevate your state of thought to Quantum level & view everything in succession as they are related. Like the guy on the mountain top (this would be your prophet)

Solution in closing

Now that we have “Relatively” explained the problem. We will now “Relatively” address the problem. If you avoid the highway as in the example above then you avoid the traffic jam, this is common sense. Thus in parallel if we avoid Segwit, then we avoid Bitcoin being crashed by this obvious attack in progress to destroy Bitcoin, the last financial freedom of this world. Again that chilling warning from the mountain top;

And I saw one of his heads as if it were wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast → Revelations 13.3

Solution 1 – Technical or Scientific Approach

This is the solution for the “lone rangers” & DIY hero types that want to take the bull by the horns. Knowledge is power & efficient security is “common sense” thus we give power & security to bolster the cause. Downgrade all your systems to Bitcoin Core version v0.12.0. This version has no problem at all. The Misdirection there was the so called encryption keys to the now deprecated Bitcoin core messaging system (which no one needs or needed anyway, regardless of whether it was working or not, just like no one needs spam) this was the ruse for the fork that followed, bringing us back to common sense;

If it is not broken then don’t fix it → Common Sense

The ruse was used with the notion, hilarious excuse rather that with the encryption keys then someone could send unsolicited messages across the blockchain network & “abuse” that to send bogus messages, completely absurd, honestly, seriously in the spirit of common sense? Everyone today gets spam & phishing emails but it is hardly a sufficient excuse to bar the use of email, is it? Public awareness is sufficient thus that was not a legit excuse to abandon the V12 if I may add a quirk or two. A washing machine is not a helicopter thus you cannot expect something that was built to wash clothes to fly then you wonder why your kitchen floor is flooded with soapy water while you tried to get airborne? Clearly in such a case you are the idiot trying to fly in a washing machine. The point? Well Satoshi did not build Bitcoin to rival paypal or MasterCard, he built it to rival SWIFT & the Rothschild banking menace who are/where trying to create a NWO (New World Order) that is why like Edward Snowden everyone assumed he was a conscious stricken ex-CIA operative like Snowden that did not agree to this sick sadistic greedy ambition to control the world. And this is where the Bitcoin so called developers have lost the plot trying to fly in a washing machine. Up to V12 (coincides with Satoshi’s disappearance), the objectives of Satoshi where accomplished in chief

  1. Decentralization of global “frictionless” movement of funds – to make sure no one can freeze or steal your funds with long arm jurisdiction like happened to Liberty Reserve

  2. Irrevocable – To make sure trust in the system is established unlike the fraudulent fraught Visa/MasterCard/SWIFT banking alternatives

  3. Destroy Inflation – This is necessary to prevent money being created from “thin air” by USA. A complete insult to hard working people of this world. Honestly! Is a vote & a signature from a puppet USA president equal to or greater than the value of Gold in your country or the houses & factories too? The USA “debt ceiling” charade which has no ceiling is an insult to the world because even this USD manure can even buy Bitcoin from the gullible & stupid out there. That is just a plain insult to any proper thinking human being → an insult (disdain with emphasis added)

Just to confirm what I am saying even today Satoshi’s Bitcoin wallet balance is unchanged not even a single coin has moved from there meaning that this is a message he is sending;

You let me down, all of you (with emphasis) → Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi was not about the money and his wallet shows this. Even in the $22,000+ value days of Bitcoin, still not a penny moved from his wallet. However like us including those that have witnessed these events (time is relative, the mountain top example people I am referring to now here). Satoshi was trying to save us from our own arrogance & stupidity clearly, only for us to be stupid enough to be controlled by those same forces that Satoshi was trying free us from. Thus logically, like a true agent/sleeper he vanished once the game was up! Because he knew what was coming next was hell

You can’t spend hard currency in hell → Common Sense

We are here however to encourage Satoshi hence Quantonium & the work we are doing

Solution 2 – Simplified Approach

For the guy/gal that is thinking, “I am not technical, what can I do to assist or save myself?” Well that is the reason for the simplified approach & the logic also behind having scribes (technically elevated teachers) & disciples (simplified version for the masses not as a means to segregate the masses or undermine but to lighten the burden of enlightenment – With great power comes great responsibility). The simplified approach is to open a no obligation at all Quantonium Account which comes bundled with our legendary Advanced Bitcoin Wallet. We have done all the above for you & more including taking care of the other threat to Bitcoin which is the Quantum Computer. Thus we have taken care of all the security & technical problems for you & for your cooperation, we have even offered you 200% returns per quarter (i.e 66% interest per month compounded every 3 months), guaranteed return on investment for any Quantonium you hold on our system. It is the least we can do for your support for the planet’s safety & the future of our Children’s, children threatened by this doomsday hell bent destruction thirsty evil which has manifested badly in USA & it’s equally blood thirsty military machine, which has been greatly weakened by the great powers that back what we do. It’s the least we can do in return for helping us save the planet. Even if you are an avid sceptic with unshakeable allegiance to Bitcoin, we have you covered. Our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet is the safest wallet in the world because on top of the technical Anti-Quantum sophisticated nature of it’s design you also have a barrier between you & catastrophic loss, because we guarantee all Bitcoin on our system meaning that even in the unthinkable event like the Mt. Gox or Bitfinex hacks, you will not lose your Bitcoins just because our system has been hacked. This is because your bitcoins are not the asset base of our operations but our technology, which far exceeds the value of the planet itself. That is the actual asset base of our operations thus we can afford to lose all bitcoins & still pay back every client 100% the value of what they paid into our system. Remember all the minerals & resources on other planets are worth far more than this planet in it’s entirety & it is only yours if you have the technology to get to it. The rocket is nothing short of an ex-Nazi relic in bad need of retirement & is certainly going nowhere fast anytime soon. A quote from history

Do not marvel at all this Nazi Germany technology we are giving to USA & France as well as Britain even Russia i.e the Rocket (V2), the Jet (ME-262), unfinished “flying saucer” (Die Glocke) or Uranium U-235 (stolen by USA & used on Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic/nuclear weapons). This is not our technology we had help from people from “other world’s” (oblivious of course that it was actually people of this world just from a different “time” which is relative) → Nazi scientists after World War 2

The above is ironic truth Blaze Advanced Technology brings you → Quantonium

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