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How do I know that this is not just another fly by night pyramid scam?

Well the answer to that is pretty simple as well, absolutely no incentive to misappropriate. In layman? This in effect means that if you own more funds & or have access to resources that are far greater in value than the total funds of all possible clients you have, then it becomes stupid for you to defraud them because you stand to lose more not only in your reputation but also in direct potential loss from retaliation from those clients & others. In other words the age old adage comes to mind, "do not throw stones if you live in a glass house" . Given the simple reality we have more to offer the world than take from it. In case you are wondering, "yeah right, are these guys Santa Claus or something?" then the answer to that is pretty simple. If you are the biggest whale in the ocean, your territory realistically can only stretch a few square miles of ocean but if the whole ocean is contaminated then even though you are the biggest whale you will die just like the smallest fish thus for your own survival it is necessary for you to keep that whole ocean clean, yes even for the small fish thus in essence we have responsible thinking for an overall responsible global well being as we are also part of that world. To find out more visit Blaze Advanced Technology, the R & D facility that develops the very technologies that back Quantonium (click on the link to visit the R & D website)

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Quantonium is better than Bitcoin mining or trading? Explain!

The heading is self-explanatory but for the sake of audience, I will indulge. Bitcoin mining cannot guarantee a constant return or income (with emphasis). This is because it relies on free market forces as well as an equally turbulent environment, rife with speculators that lack ethic in terms of loyalty & longevity to the cause (reason in chief, why Satoshi himself vanished leaving his wallet untouched as testament to the fact like us i.e he was not about the money nor the fame but about the safety of the future as well as secure those fundamental freedoms we take for granted). Quantonium seeks to address Satoshi's concern(s) & maintain that vision. In most cases we get addicted to a principle in principle, forgetting the essence, genesis & reason for its inception in the instance, alas. The purpose of Blockchain in chief was to address a prevalent problem at the time & to a certain degree relevant even now, however this has created a habitual delusional "comfort zone" for the arrogant

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