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Why Choose Quantonium over Bitcoin & Blockchain?

Well the answer to this question is pretty simple, security. Covert breach of Bitcoin wallets via brute force methods using Quantum Computers. In order to make a successful brute force attack, the Quantum Computer needs all the variables in one place which is the downside of just a standard Bitcoin wallet (Your wallet is public information in this case what was perceived as the strength becomes the weakness). Do not panic because the threat is real but theoretical for now & given our technology Bitcoin is still good for you to bank on as the safest currency in the world but if & only if you migrate to our systems. Including using our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet, which is “anti-quantum” in the way that it is designed, rendering the quantum “sub-time” advantage obsolete & therefore useless against our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet. That is why we have stepped to the occasion since obviously the USA government is already testing several prototypes which brings us to Blockchain security

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Why do you call it Quantonium?

Well given the animated film version of events around the imaginary "Quantonium", we found the irony fitting for this particular application as well as keeping in touch with the humorous side of things in this global tragedy we face. Since ironically as well we are dealing with Quantum physics hence the term "Quantonium Token" became a catch phrase that caught on & ironically most aptly here we are - Quantonium

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