Quantonium is better than Bitcoin mining or trading? Explain!

Quantonium is better than Bitcoin mining or trading? Explain!

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Quantonium – Achilles Heel

The heading is self-explanatory but for the sake of audience, I will indulge. Bitcoin mining cannot guarantee a constant return or income (with emphasis). This is because it relies on free market forces as well as an equally turbulent environment, rife with speculators that lack ethic in terms of loyalty & longevity to the cause (reason in chief, why Satoshi himself vanished leaving his wallet untouched as testament to the fact like us i.e he was not about the money nor the fame but about the safety of the future as well as secure those fundamental freedoms we take for granted). Quantonium seeks to address Satoshi’s concern(s) & maintain that vision. In most cases we get addicted to a principle in principle, forgetting the essence, genesis & reason for its inception in the instance, alas. The purpose of Blockchain in chief was to address a prevalent problem at the time & to a certain degree relevant even now, however this has created a habitual delusional “comfort zone” for the arrogant

The arrogant never see it coming → Thanos (comedy, but ironic, apt & fitting regardless)

Decentralization like democracy was created based on the notion (at pertinent time applicable for either in quo) that “separation of powers” would dilute a “concentration” of any said power while negating the reality that knowledge itself is power. In essence, where there is no knowledge, there is no power but collusive foolishness rendering decentralization & democracy ineffective. Why do we aver thus? Well a lack of knowledge allows propaganda to influence the masses into colossal error based on the notion, arrogance rather that majority = right. A perfect example being the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, accepting Segwit etc. Even the crucifixion of Jesus (if I may maintain a diverse approach applying metaphor to folly). All being examples of the majority preying folly to catastrophe from the perspective of the status quo (of course). Now the majority believe (arrogantly) that decentralization is all the security that the blockchain needs, hence a comedy of crypto currencies has flooded the planet based on this misinformed delusion. Don’t get me wrong, DO NOT PANIC & I will stress again (quote me):

Bitcoin is 100% safe (that will never change so don’t panic) → The Chairman’s personal guarantee

Though I have quoted myself personally. Remember, every chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link thus you are the weakness in that link, not Bitcoin or blockchain, let this be clear before anything happens & soon. Remember (again as an example), that if you have cash in your pocket & walk through a bad neighbourhood at midnight & get robbed or mugged because of your own negligence (with emphasis). Then in such a case, we cannot blame the cash in your pocket for that problem but rather your negligence for failing to take better precaution to secure your cash. Because while you naive (no doubt), arrogantly think that everyone is a saint (USA in chief), these “bad guys” out there are devising even more ways to “sneak up” on you & steal from or mug you while you give yourself the false security that decentralization, trezor wallets etc is your security. Security is not hardware or a physical barrier (even the toughest safes have been cracked not to mention the “phantom guarantees” that created the 2008 recession as yet proof that bad things can & will happen even when USA, the juggernaut perceived is involved with their “fake” guarantees). Security is best defined as a “state of mind” not a physical barrier but rather a cascade of tact & methodology culminating to the prior. In other word’s the ability to “evolve” around the existential threat at all times which is what we do. Understanding the problem is usually the obstacle to it’s subsequent resolve. That averred it brings us back to the essence of this article

How is Quantonium better than Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining derives value from servicing as well as work created by a market that is backed by our products (it is not a fluke that Bitcoin is where it is today even after a barrage attempt at sabotage), don’t mean to burst your bubble but if Blockchain so called “technology” was the reason then Litecoin & the over hyped but flopped Bitcoin Cash as well as the trailer of copycat crypto’s would be in close pursuit (but clearly they are hardly a match), coincidentally if not ideal, none of which our product(s) back except Bitcoin only, thus there is your exception to cause. That aside (we are not arrogant nor conceited though facts are stubborn), we have as a resolution to this pending problem addressed that issue as well. Quantonium guarantees you a return on your capital i.e 200% per quarter (in layman every 3 months regardless – mining or trading cannot do this). This is not feeding a speculative bull run or a pyramid scam or a scheme of some sort, on the contrary it is feeding that very same mechanism that has given Bitcoin it’s prominence, while at the same time addressing the security loophole to the whole arrangement, which is not Blockchain technology but client side (you) vulnerability from Quantum attacks on your wallet. Everyone believes that HD wallets are a safe haven, oblivious of the fact that Google has already successfully tested a Quantum Computer, which means if private sector Google has done it then what about the USA government & the equally crooked CIA & at what level are they now? Until now no one knows how Mt Gox or Bitfinex was hacked thus Quantum is a real threat (client side threat not a Blockchain threat – your wallet is your responsibility, just like the real world & not a fault of Blockchain technology as explained above. That is why only Mt. Gox lost & not anyone else on the blockchain). Remember the attack on Mt. Gox was not for profit but to discourage use of the Blockchain – Yes it was espionage

Problems Addressed

What we have done is address the problems now posed by Quantum in chief

  1. The Brute Force attacks on publicly viewable wallets (what happened to Mt. Gox)
  2. Maintaining the trust offered by client side “self-control/determination” promised by decentralization
  3. Revenue stream for those that back & support the Blockchain


Solution Demystified – seriatim, supra

  1. As explained in our FAQ. Quantum Computers eliminate the obstacle of “time” required by cryptography to “Brute Force” the standard Bitcoin wallet & “guess” it’s private key, which technically is the only thing that stands between you & poverty, a lesson learnt the hard way by Mt. Gox & Bitfinex. This means in essence, that while a Super Computer (the world’s current best “perceived”), takes about 1Billion years or more to crack a standard Bitcoin wallet (which was the solace of comfort but not comfort from Quantum in solace). A Quantum Computer on the contrary given the preliminary, needs mere minutes to crack a standard high value wallet (see our FAQ for more information on the Quantum threat & how that is possible)

  2. How do we maintain the trust? Well, there is an age old adage, “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”. See Blaze Advanced Technology the R & D arm of our operations for more information. The technologies we develop & own are far worth more than the entire planet in any perceivable value because apart from the value on this planet, all the gold, diamonds, palladium (even minerals you are yet to even begin to imagine, that power the most advanced propulsion systems imaginable). Apart from that, we can even skip what is on earth. What is the value of the minerals on other planets in our solar system alone? Remember it is only yours if & only if you can get to it (with emphasis). In a nutshell, we have more to lose than gain from defrauding anyone because the value we have access to is far greater than any value we could possibly derive from anyone on this planet. Thus we have absolutely no incentive whatsoever to defraud anyone for our value far exceeds anything we could possibly defraud anyway (with emphasis). Our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet addresses the client side security loophole by hardening blockchain technology while forming a barrier between  you (the client) & the blockchain, you could think of it as a financial firewall. Our value alone can cover you even in the impossible event that all 21million Bitcoins where hacked into a ransom account (though not possible given the advanced nature of our “anti-quantum” Advanced Bitcoin Wallet). But even if that happened we can afford to guarantee all your deposits, even while simultaneously absorbing a total loss of all 21million Bitcoin to ever exist

  3. In addition to the above guarantees you also earn up to 200% return on your investment every quarter (3 months). This meaning you earn more on our platform than mining it yourself thus we have also solved this problem. Thus in essence you are better off keeping your Bitcoins with us invested in Quantonium than any other reason for keeping them to yourself be it mining, parking, investment or trading. Before you think, yeah right, oh, “another Santa Claus?” Read our incentive below



Water! Simple as this may seem but this is the biggest problem in the universe. For all our so called arrogant advancements in so called technology, one simple & hard fact is that as human beings it is impossible to make water. Seriously if you try “kaboom!” That is the biggest problem. Separating Hydrogen & Oxygen? Easy! But fusing them back together? Simple as that sounds, oh, but that is another nightmare altogether (don’t ask, time is relative – Albert Einstein), not theory but fact. In a nutshell only earth, in the vast expanse of the infinite number of seemingly “habitable” universes out there. However & sadly, only earth has “fresh” water. This unfortunately is the amazing but sad reality & anyone stuck at sea or in the Sahara, knows exactly what I mean – hell is the only word you can think of to describe such an existence, without a simple thing as water, ignorance is mental blindness (think about it). I know you are thinking, this guy has certainly “lost it”. How can water be a problem? Well a perfect example is Fukushima, that is a living example. If nuclear weapons where to go off, even marginally, anywhere in the world. This would guarantee that at some point, depending on the size of the conflict, given that Russia & USA have 50MT capable warheads. Then such a nuclear conflict would guarantee 100% contamination of all known water reserves worldwide including underground. This would be the end of all so called life such as you know it. Thus being selfish & ignorant to this reality is nothing short of pointless as this affects everyone! Thus in order for us to live well, we have to clean every bodies mess otherwise none of us will make it. I believe this is the genius of God himself & the very balance of nature. Thus we have to help others in order to help ourselves this is the true irony of it all, not that we are complaining but this is the inevitable reality of it all in case you may want something less sentimental & factual perceived. This is fact & reality in any case, whichever way you may want to look at the matter whether sarcastically, sceptically or realistically. Either way this is scientific reality. Thus we have found it incumbent to invest in Post Quantum growth rather than retrogressive, speculative Quantum delusion hence → Quantonium

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