Quantonium Proprietary Open Source Code security guarantee is better than blockchain technology even mainstream banks? Explain!

Quantonium Proprietary Open Source Code security guarantee is better than blockchain technology even mainstream banks? Explain!

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Security Brief

The heading is self explanatory as reiterated in our regular security brief. Security is not a hardened barrier as the most expensive, sophisticated vaults have been compromised in the past further rendering credence to this fact. Security rather is culmination of common sense, tact & the ability to evolve around the existential threat at all times which is what our system does. The architecture of the main Quantonium operating system is public open source (you can use your browsers “developer tools” feature to confirm this) & the most popular open source of its nature meaning you have an unbiased & robust code auditing out of the box even before you deploy your system meaning it has been thoroughly checked & tested for vulnerabilities already by billions of independent people & minds worldwide before you even deploy or customize it for the specific purpose such as Quantonium, a guarantee that even the most so called biggest banks in the world cannot guarantee given the frequent hacks not to mention the Mt Gox & Bitfinex hacks in the not too distant past, including several Crypto exchanges that rely on so called IT Professionals more like “Incompetent Technology Unprofessionals” given these hacks after all what we are after is results not ego or posers. Probability of error renders even conventional banking systems including blockchain technology vulnerable due to the source code employed being restricted to the particular bank’s IT personnel in the case of conventional banks & the equally incompetent not to mention arrogant Bitcoin core developers in the case of the Segwit comedy & recent unnecessary forks to Bitcoin (if it is not broken then don’t fix it). This is why we only support Bitcoin in its legacy form hence the stability of the Bitcoin price as we are the fallback against gamblers & speculators since the Bitcoin ledger cannot be corrupted. We credit Satoshi’s genius there making only those stupid enough to use the new wallets or Bitcoin core vulnerable while all that use legacy wallets or our Advanced Bitcoin Wallet are 100% safe not only because of our umbrella insulation guarantee, offered independent of whether we lose Bitcoins or not given our excess asset base, but even from direct attacks to the Bitcoin Blockchain itself. Staying on the subject matter in addition, all plugins & upgrades to our system are also all open source public code meaning they also have that wide code audit competency guarantee cover of having been scrutinised by billions of people worldwide further adding to that layer of reassurance

In essence it means that all the code working on our system has been scrutinized to an even higher degree than all the conventional banks systems in the world as not a single bank in the world can boast that their source code has been audited, checked, tried & tested by over a billion people for more than a decade not even Microsoft, Google or Facebook can make such a boast but this is the reality of our system & reason why our systems until this day have never been hacked. In a nutshell in terms of financial safety & security, your wealth is safer with us than any bank, investment or even the Bitcoin blockchain itself especially if you are running anything with Segwit or any of the forks after Bitcoin core V0.12.0 (see our other FAQ’s for details on this). If you are serious about security, wealth preservation & true irrevocable growth (evidently) then you should switch to Quantonium where you have the best of both worlds i.e post Quantum era level security, protection against even Quantum Computers with the versatility of Bitcoin incorporated for your added convenience. It doesn’t get better than this

Important notice

NB*: Be advised that we still back Bitcoin 100% thus no one should panic or start selling off their Bitcoins either for there is no security problem there regards Bitcoin. This notice is there to avoid you losing Bitcoins using insecure wallets to store your Bitcoins, other than that Bitcoin is 100% safe take that guarantee from us. If you are worried, simply open a Quantonium account with us using the “Register” menu link above & keep your Bitcoin on our 100% safe platform as we have taken care of all the security issues regards the pertinent issues aforementioned

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