Smartphones are a big financial threat?

Smartphones are a big financial threat?

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Android & IOS Security Brief

Android & IOS operating systems are extremely dangerous & vulnerable to all sorts of back-door attacks from the very so called USA corporations you all trust who are in essence simply proxy fronts, for the USA governments drag net spying machine, thus it is necessary for us to address this issue for the general public safety. If you are addicted to your smartphone device as many are then you should view your so called smartphone rather as a convenience accessory like a handbag or hat & not as a means for doing any kind of serious security vital tasks online e.g banking & transacting etc, especially with our online interface. This also includes making withdrawals, updating your profile, setting up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), uploading email encryption keys etc. As a consequence & as such you will find that a lot of security features are disabled by default if accessing your account from a mobile device running either Android or IOS (Apple, Ipad etc). When transacting we highly recommend Windows 7 for accessing your account exclusively using our professional collection of internet secure tools available for free download here. This includes a “clean” modern web browser that can run in “portable” mode without having to install anything on your computer. Another piggy back loophole for Trojans to hijack your system (these are seemingly harmless but unnecessary software installations, something you should avoid). Yes, even so called big corporations like Google & Facebook are in on the scam as well as that so called anti-virus software suite & updates you think you can trust to keep you safe, yet that is what is actually spying on you for you have given it access to scan your whole computer, oh no they wouldn’t? Oh, like Mike Pompeo (prominent CIA) boasting on live TV that they lied, cheated & stole to keep USA ahead further boasting that they had, “whole courses on lying, cheating & stealing” – Time to wake up. The so called big corporations cannot whistle-blow for they will lose their licenses & stock value for challenging the USA government thus you have been warned. Our security suite also includes a bundled TOTP or 2FA key generator & authenticator which is far more secure than Google Authenticator or any other 2FA app that runs on your very vulnerable so called smartphone

The Smartphone 2FA Conundrum

While most people may think that so called smartphones are a convenient tool for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), from the hilarious so called QR code clad Google Authenticator, Authy, even the chuckles Duo so called security, all true insults to the word security, this is also the problem that makes your smartphone such a dumbphone after all. This is because the Secret Key has to be stored somewhere & unfortunately whether you like it or not, Google & Apple have access to your whole file system from the back-end of your Android or Apple device thus it is a matter of getting the secret key & they have 2FA access to your account, generating their own cloned 2FA codes to then access your account. And don’t count on encrypted keys either for at Quantum level, encryption with “offline” data is nothing but a walk in the park, cracked in a matter of minutes. Only Anti-Quantum “Time Security Technologies™” like ours can circumvent this threat & Quantum global menace. Remember, the existential threat to cyber security now is no longer some 2 bit hacker in a dark closet somewhere but rather the big USA Corporations you “think” you can trust including the biggest threat of all i.e the USA government in cahoots with Google & Facebook. Twitter is no exception either as confirmed by Edward Snowden. You can watch more details regards that below

2FA Recommendation for Hardened Security

Our system is 100% security conscious thus we strongly advise that you buy your own 2FA device e.g an actual physical hardware token with it’s own LCD screen using cash notes or crypto currencies because of the shared secrets issue (common sense? Why would you want a stranger to cut keys to your house or safe on your behalf? Honestly QR codes for what? Wake up!). Unless you are savvy enough to buy your own NFC secrets burner kit as well as blank NFC shielded or user programmable secrets type tokens that would even be more secure. Remember all credit card purchases leave a paper trail blueprint of your spending history with your full name conveniently attached, for them to trace where & from whom you bought your token. Another reason why they hate crypto currencies being the so called “control freaks” they are aka USA government Inc. Security is not a vault or a super strong barrier of some sort but rather a way of thinking, common sense procedure of conduct with a touch of realism. We strongly discourage using smartphone apps like Google Authenticator, Authy or anything else equally as hilarious, worse still hosted security disasters like Duo Authenticator should be avoided at all costs. If convenience is your boggle then you can use the bundled authenticator in our internet secure tools bundle. Just click on the file that states “Authenticator.html” to launch the authenticator then generate a “Secret Key” on the fly then copy this key to your Quantonium account under 2FA then click “Update 2FA” to save then make sure the codes match both in your Authenticator app as well as your Quantonium account to avoid being locked out. Then safely save (backup) your key on your computer for future use. We recommend full system encryption using TrueCrypt as a further barrier which is also bundled free in our cyber security suite here. Yes the no frills “old fashioned way” is the way to go. Simplicity with tact is true sophistication

Operating System Recommendation

The best operating system for banking & transactions is a simple Windows 7 “Home Basic” machine (in this case less is more, you certainly don’t need the latest Intel Core processor just to calculate 1 + 1 which = 2 right? Metaphorically adducing of course, let common sense prevail always, this is the catch thus Windows 7 is more than sufficient to transfer Quantonium or Bitcoin from any point A to B). Make sure it is a Windows 7 Home Basic machine (less frills just core functionality) that has never been updated then disable “automatic updates” in control panel (all Windows updates contain Trojans as also confirmed by Edward Snowden) thus for 100% Quantum proof security never access your Quantonium Account or wallet on a machine that has any Windows updates (that’s how they got Mt. Gox & Bitfinex i.e abuse of consumer/merchant trust). You can use your smartphone or latest OS laptop/PC for day-to-day small transactions held in Bitcoin that you hold on your mobile phone SPV wallet or PC hot wallet if you are a smartphone or latest gadget junkie, transferring only what you need for the day from your Quantonium or Advanced Bitcoin Wallet to your smartphone SPV wallet or Computer based hot wallet. Trezor for all it’s hype is not secure if you are going to plug it into a compromised computer. Just remember that a Quantum Computer only needs your wallet address & in less than 5 minutes it has your Private Key making Trezor nothing short of a novelty joke. In essence, if Windows 7 seems outdated to your so called “modern lifestyle” then you can have 2 laptops or PC’s, one with Windows 7 (format & install a fresh version of Windows 7 Home Basic is best & never update it or install any other software not even anti-virus which also are Trojans, you do not need a so called anti-virus if you are not installing any software nor to access our website thus let common sense prevail always). This Windows 7 PC/Laptop you should use exclusively for financial transactions only don’t ever update it or install anything else & another laptop/PC can then be a latest model PC that you use for anything & everything else that a so called “modern” lifestyle requires e.g your internet, email, video streaming etc (whatever ticks your boxes) in keeping with “common sense” you are simply keeping business & pleasure separate (the professional approach). Then only connect your Windows 7 PC or laptop to send funds only (business). Use it for nothing else, consider it your “private safe” that is “nuclear proof” even 2008 recession style bank collapses will not affect you (you do not carry your combination safe with you everywhere you go do you? Nor open it unnecessarily i.e common sense). If using the Portable Browser, remember that, before you connect to the internet on the first run make sure you go to “settings” & disable “automatic updates” these so called “updates” of any kind are very dangerous because you are allowing your computer to install things without your knowledge (common sense is the theme of security). Let that preavil always

Quantonium Security Guarantee

We 100% guarantee all deposits & funds on our system provided you follow all our security guidelines above & also in your account thus your Bitcoins & or Quantonium is 100% safe & backed by our technologies that far exceed the meta physical value of the net capacity of both instruments with Quantonium being an evolving revolutionary instrument with unlimited growth potential due to its advanced technological backbone & achitecture while Bitcoin is a stabilizing one courtesy of our products & further security enhanced by those same products to further bolster it’s presence. Where fiat on the contrary has reached it’s tether, Quantonium is just beginning to gain it’s stride, momentum & foothold. The very quintessence of the true future of humanity. A true benchmark of progress

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